What is an alcohol problem?

There are a wide range of potential problems associated with drinking.

If you think you might be drinking too much, you can start by asking yourself these kinds of questions:

  • Do you have trouble stopping at just one or two drinks?
  • Does your drinking feel out of control?
  • Has your drinking started to get in the way of your daily life or affect your health?
  • Have friends or family expressed concerns about your drinking?

Many of us drink too much without realising it. This could be having a big effect on our health. Check your drinking to see if you are at risk of alcohol harm with this quick quiz.

Take the drinking quiz

If you are concerned about your drinking, then accessing treatment can help you make lasting changes to reduce the harm you are experiencing.

Accessing support at an early stage is important. Getting the right help at the right time ensures that you can start to recover sooner, just like any other health condition.

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