Echo Falls Infusion

English | Cymraeg

A review of Echo Falls Infusion - a nice, sweet soft drink.



ABV: 0.0%
Calories per 250ml glass: 64 (25 per 100ml)

Echo Falls are big players in the UK wine market. Launched in 2003, their “unpretentious range of easy drinking wines” has become a big seller in a short time, in the face of more traditional competition. In 2014, they introduced a range of Fruit Fusions at around 9% to 10% ABV. Echo Falls Infusion is their first shot at 0% ABV. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite hit the target.

Echo Falls are normally red-hot on branding, engaging with an army of Facebook followers to redesign their products. Which makes it all the more odd that this bottle looks so dated (and a bit like Babycham).

As for the appearance of the drink itself, once poured, its yellow colour makes it clear that this is some way from wine. As regards the taste, if you’re looking for a nice, sweet soft-drink, it’s just fine. It’s got a whiff of sherbet and tastes a bit like Schloer or Appletiser. According to the label, it’s “blended with natural green tea extracts” but I’m afraid we didn’t find them.

Anyway, don’t just take our word for it! If you’d like to try Echo Falls Infusion, it’s on sale in Morrisons and Sainsburys, and it’s getting rave reviews from customers on Amazon.

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