Fierce Beer Ghost AF

English | Cymraeg

An easy-drinking pale ale from Scotland



ABV: 0.5%

Calories per 100ml: TBC

This is a guest review by our roving reporters Q and Blue, who were in the Fierce Bar in Aberdeen

The Fierce Beer Brewery was founded in Aberdeen in 2015 by some keen home brewers. They opened their first pub, also in the Granite City, in 2018. They produce a huge range of beers at a range of strengths. So, how did they do at 0.5%?

It’s an easy-drinking beer. It smells good and is nice and hazy. There are a few barley notes and a good aftertaste. But, overall, our taste-testers thought it was short on flavour. It’s better than some of the big-brand alcohol-free beers, but there are better low-alcohol craft beers out there.

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