Hun Chenin Blanc

English | Cymraeg

A review of Hun Chenin Blanc - a very sweet, sparkling wine.



ABV: less than 0.5%
Calories per can: 128 (64 per 100ml)

There’s no denying that cans are handy. They’re light, recyclable, and don’t tend to break and leak all over your stuff. That may be why Hun decided to ignore those who say that good wine always comes in bottles, and launched their wine-in-a-can range in time for the 2020 festival season. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a festival season in 2020, but that hasn’t stopped Hun from getting a foothold in the market with their very portable drinks. As of mid-2021, they have five wines on offer in neat 200ml cans, one of which is this alcohol-free Chenin Blanc.

They have certainly got some big-name backers, including Formula 1 star David Coulthard and ex-BrewDog CEO Andy Shaw. The wines are vegan and a few of them are Fairtrade too. Their regular wines range from 11.5% to a hefty 13.5%. It’s a bold move – and a very welcome one – to be marketing a 0.5% wine alongside those.

So, what does it taste like? First off, the nose is great – it’s got that slightly yeasty aroma that Champagne often has. It’s got a good flavour too but it is very sweet. If you like sweet sparkling wine, give it a go, but our taste-testers would have preferred something a little drier (a lot drier, to be honest).

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