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A review of ISH G&T - an alcohol-free pre-mixed G&T with juniper flavour but overpowering tonic.



ABV: 0.4%

Calories per can: 53 (21 per 100ml)

This review is by guest author @GlowSober

Based in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, ISH Spirits offer a wide range of alcohol-free drinks, and have been a great addition to the alcohol-free drinks market.

This G&T has a very pleasant and mild aroma. The flavours are delicate too, with the obligatory juniper taking the lead. There is also the smallest hint of something spicy, which is much needed to stand up to the tonic.

This is a nice drink, but as with many pre-mixed drinks, the tonic is too overpowering. The bitterness of the quinine overrides some of the other flavours, and I had to try too hard to pick up some of the more subtle nuances. Ideally, I like a little less tonic so I can taste the botanicals. Overall, though, there are some really well-balanced flavours in this one, and I will certainly be having a second one!

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