Kopparberg Gin and Lemonade

English | Cymraeg

A review of Kopparberg Gin and Lemonade - no hint of gin, just like strawberry sweet pop.



ABV: 0.0%
Calories per can: 83 (33 per 100ml)

Kopparberg are famous for producing the sweet Swedish ciders which are now some of the most popular ciders in the UK. In 2019 they entered the spirits and premixed cocktails market and are now well-established in that too.

We spotted this premixed alcohol-free gin and lemonade with strawberry and lime in the shops in mid-2021, just in time for summer. It’s a nicely packaged drink with the distinctive Kopparberg black and gold branding, along with a charming scene of people toasting marshmallows around a fire in a very Swedish landscape. Unfortunately, the drink inside the can didn’t have quite the same appeal to our taste-testers.

The first thing to say about this drink is that it is exceptionally sweet. The second thing is that we really couldn’t pick up even the slightest hint of gin. What we have here is some perfectly drinkable sweet strawberry pop. It’s a bit like drinking the aroma of an old-fashioned sweet shop. It’s OK, but it may well disappoint gin fans looking for a low-ABV alternative to their favourite tipple.

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