Lowlander 0.3% Cool Earth Lager

English | Cymraeg

A review of Lowlander 0.3% Cool Earth Lager - a very well-balanced Pilsner with a citrus hit.



ABV: 0.3%
Calories: TBC

This is a guest review by Henry Forrest of the Alcohol-Free Explorers blog. Henry can be found on Twitter @HoppyAF

Lowlander was founded in 2016 and they brew their beers with botanicals. This is a key part of their mission as they “brew for people who want delicious beers that are anything but the usual”. They aim to “combine nature and a little bit of Dutch ingenuity”. Frederik Kampman fell in love with the use of botanicals when working in a gin distillery in the UK. This led to a curiosity about what kind of character these herbs, spices and fruits could bring to beer.

Lowlander have range of alcoholic and alcohol-free beers. They currently have five alcohol-free beers (up to 0.3% ABV) but I’ve been drinking their climate-change-focused Cool Earth Lager. Lowlander have committed to planting a seagrass plant for every can of Cool Earth Lager sold. Seagrass captures carbon 35 times faster than tropical rainforest – at the time of writing, they have planted more than 105,000 seagrass plants. Kudos!

Cracking open a can of cold Cool Earth it smells sweet with a citrus hit and it pours to a clear golden wheat colour. It is wonderfully smooth, slightly sweet, slightly hoppy, slightly citrusy – hitting all the right notes for me. It’s very well-balanced pilsner and I’m not sure that just one can is enough.

Climate change is a big topic, and rightly so. If you’re a conscientious drinker, then what better way to be doing your tiny part than to support a company trying to do theirs – and you get some cracking beer out of it too!

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