Maisel’s Weisse Alkoholfrei

English | Cymraeg

A review of Maisel’s Weisse Alkoholfrei - an excellent alcohol-free Weissbier from a German producer.



ABV: 0.5%
Calories per bottle: 120 (24 per 100ml)

The Maisel family have been brewing in Bayreuth, on the banks of the River Main, since 1887. It’s a town perhaps best-known as a magnet for opera lovers, but if this Maisel’s Weisse Alkoholfrei is anything to go by, it’s probably a good place to go for beer too.

The Maisel Brothers Brewery produces a shed-load of different beers of all shades and strengths, but weissbeir (white beer) seems to be their big thing. Not that every one of their weissbiere is white, either! They make dark ones, golden ones, and this alcohol-free one with an enticing honey colour.

Franziskaner is good weissbier, but Maisel’s Weisse is great. It pours well with a good head on it. It’s got real body and a strong weissbier flavour. There’s no way you’d say it was alcohol-free. The bottle design completes the package – with a 1930s look that sets it apart from a lot of its dull-looking competitors.

Much like Erdinger Alkoholfrei, Maisel’s Weisse Alkoholfrei is marketed in Germany as a healthy option that’s vitamin-rich, isotonic and low in calories. The brewery even sponsors an annual 5km fun run in Bayreuth.

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