Morrisons Passion Fruit Martini and Lime Mojito mocktails

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A review of Morrisons Passion Fruit Martini and Lime Mojito mocktails - good at this price.



ABV: 0%
Calories per can: 66 for the Martini, 17 for the Mojito

This review is by guest author @GlowSober

Pre-dinner mocktails on a budget! What a treat – and on a school night too! These little beauties are from Morrisons and are a steal at £2 for both of them.

The first is a Passion Fruit Martini – what used to be called a Porn Star Martini – and it’s a beautiful drink. Not as rich as its alcoholic equivalent, but then I may have diluted it a bit by loading it with ice and frozen raspberries. The colour is not quite as dark either, but it’s really close. The Lime Mojito tasted just like a Mojito to me – it used to be my cocktail of choice. With a bit of mint and lots of ice, it really was delicious.

Drinking alcohol-free can seem expensive sometimes, but this little evening on my deck with these two drinks was cheap as chips and a beautiful way to end a sunny day. The flowers in the picture are Fair Trade blooms from Lidl at only £4, making a total cost of £6 for my self-care session – less than the price of a decent Sauvignon Blanc, and much nicer! Reggie the dog wasn’t as keen as me but he’s a good boy and loves a photo opportunity.

There are better mocktails out there – but not at this price!

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