ON Beer

English | Cymraeg

A beer you'd be proud to serve to zero and non-zero drinkers alike



ABV: less than 0.5%

Calories per bottle: 40

This is a guest review by Nicola, one of our Community Champions

ON Beer contains a mind-blowing list of ingredients – more than any other alcohol-free beer I’ve tried. Botanicals included in the mix are ginseng, guarana, damiana, rhodiola, liquorice and more. It certainly had me Googling!

ON claim to offer an “elevated alcohol-free experience”, and I am inclined to agree. This beer is probably the best I have tasted yet in the low-and-no category – and I’ve tasted a lot of them!

Like many alcohol-free beers, it tends to froth a lot when you open it, and I advise doing that over a sink! Once poured, the nose is light, with citrus and elderflower. I was worried it would taste too botanical, or that the liquorice would dominate, but I couldn’t fault the refreshing, smooth “symphony of hops” that lingered on the palate. ON Beer is very hoppy yet incredibly light at the same time and at all what I was expecting from a “full-bodied IPA”.

Beers like this one persuade us to not settle for alcohol-free versions of the same bland brands that dominate the alcohol market. It’s different and refreshing. This is a beer I would add to my collection and be proud to serve to both zero and non-zero drinkers alike.

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