The Vida Loca Mockarita

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A review of Mocktails The Vida Loca Mockarita - this cocktail is just like a Margarita with its citrus scent, refreshing taste, and that tangy bitterness.



The Official Cocktails of Dry January 2022

ABV: 0%
Calories per bottle:
80 (40 per 100ml)

The Mocktails company aims to bring you classic flavours, but without the alcohol – and this cocktail is just like a Margarita! The citrus scent, refreshing taste, and that tangy bitterness cutting through it all, make for a great Margarita experience. Its creators describe it as “the taste of being on the beach, anytime, for any reason”. It’s probably a good choice for a hot day at the beach, as it would not only be tasty but also hydrating!

The packaging could perhaps make you think it’s a less sophisticated drink than a traditional Margarita, but any doubts will go away once you’ve tasted it.

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