Our manifesto for the future of alcohol harm

If adopted, the recommendations in our manifesto would transform our environment, improve alcohol treatment and make sure policies are guided by evidence.

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You can download a Welsh version of our General Election 2024 Manifesto here.

Our manifesto goals are to:

1. Create an environment which prevents alcohol harm

Powered by a cross-government alcohol strategy, evidence-based policies will make alcohol less desirable, with tougher laws on alcohol marketing, and improved labelling. Action will be taken on cheap, strong alcohol to protect our health, and evidence gathered to support people choosing no and low alcohol options.

2. End stigma and recognise the complexity of alcohol harm

By acknowledging the complexity of alcohol harm, policies will be better able to tackle it. Lifting the exclusion of alcohol dependency from the Equality Act will be a key achievement in ending stigma and making a fairer society for us all.

3. Ensure everyone can access support and treatment

Long-term alcohol specific health funding will enable treatment services to be accessible and inclusive in our communities. Family members and friends will be better-supported by well-resourced services.

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