Millie’s Sober Spring hacks - Week ten

Millie Gooch | May 2024 | 6 minutes

The wonderful Millie Gooch, sober influencer extraordinaire and founder of Sober Girl Society, is back for yet another year of hosting Sober Spring. This week, Millie focuses on how to get through the sunshine activities sober.

The sun is finally shining and ‘sorry, I’m a bit sweaty’ season is back! Unfortunately, that does mean that the temptation of sunshine often brings a strong desire to unwind with a refreshing drink. While this is completely normal, it can be challenging too. The warm weather, social gatherings, and pub gardens can act as triggers, making it difficult to resist the temptation. However, there are effective strategies to enjoy sunny days without compromising your Sober Spring.

Beach, please!

When planning a trip to the beach, prepare ahead to ensure you have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks. Pack a cool box with a variety of refreshing options and take loads of beach games and activities to keep yourself active and distracted from the temptation to drink. By focusing on fun and hydration, you can enjoy the sunny beach atmosphere without the need for alcohol.

Dining alfresco

When it comes to BBQs or picnics, focus on great food and fun without alcohol. Bring your own non-alcoholic drinks and a favourite dish and snacks to share, ensuring there are options available for you. Engage in or bring games like frisbee, or board games, and immerse yourself in conversations, building stronger connections with friends and family.

Beer garden plans

If visiting a beer garden, go with a plan to stay sober. Check if the venue offers non-alcoholic beers, mocktails etc. Set a time limit for your visit to avoid staying too long and feeling tempted. Bring along friends who support your sobriety and can help keep you accountable and have a plan for your exit! By having a strategy, you can enjoy the lively atmosphere without compromising your commitment to Sober Spring!