Top ten low- and no-alcohol beers for Dry January and beyond

January 2020 | 7 minutes

In this blog, we’ve put together our top ten reviewed low- and no-alcohol beers, to be enjoyed during Dry January and beyond.

The low- and no-alcohol beer market keeps on growing. Breweries big and small are coming up with their own alternatives to standard-strength beers, and we think it’s great to see!


Brooklyn Special Effects

If you’re looking for a low-alcohol craft beer to replace your usual alcoholic tipple, this might be the beer for you. This hoppy 0.5% ABV lager got awarded 5 out of 5 by our taste-testing team!

Lucky Saint

This great-looking unfiltered lager, suitable for vegans, was launched in 2018 by Luke Boase. Our taste-testers loved it so much they gave it a score of 5 out of 5.

Pale ales

King Limbo

Based in Brighton, King Limbo is produced by Laine Brew Co. At 0.5% ABV, it’s not quite alcohol-free, but according to our taste testers it’s “one of the best IPAs you’ll ever drink.” Read their review here.

Brewdog Nanny State

This beer is one you’ll probably be able to pick up from your nearest major supermarket, and it doesn’t taste bad either! It’s hoppy, suitable for vegans, and best served chilled.

Sour beer

Big Drop Sour

Not everyone likes sour beers, but if you’re looking for a low-alcohol version, this might just be the one for you. Our taste testers gave it full marks! Big Drop make a wide range of delicious low-alcohol beers which are all definitely worth trying.

Fruit beer

Zest Zero Grapefruit

This fruity delight is from a French brewery, and it’s tremendously grapefruity. It’s not too sweet, so if that’s something you like from your alcohol-free drinks, this 0.0% brew is definitely worth a try!

Golden ale

St Peter’s Without Gold

This 0.0% ABV beer has a lovely malty aroma, and looks almost like a lager when poured. It’s currently only available online, but it’s well worth ordering some in!

Traditional ale

Harvey’s Old Ale

This beer, made in Sussex, smells and tastes great. And, for all of you who are environmentally-conscious, their bottles can be returned to the brewery to be washed and reused! Our taste testers loved it.


Braxzz Porter

This beer was described by our taste-testers as “close to perfect”. It’s got rich notes of coffee and chocolate, and at 0.0% ABV we couldn’t recommend it highly enough if you’re looking for an alcohol-free porter to enjoy!


Maisel's Weisse Alkoholfrei

Maisel’s Weisse is great. It pours well with a good head on it. It’s got real body and a strong weissbier flavour. Our taste testers said: “There’s no way you’d say it was alcohol-free” and rated it 5 out of 5. So if you’re after something indistinguishable from alcoholic white beer, this is the one for you.

Honourable mentions

There are so many great alcohol-free beers available right now, we didn’t really want to limit ourselves to ten. Here are some of our honourable mentions, with reviews linked.

Playground IPA

Big Drop pale ale

Drop Bear Tropical IPA

Yardarm lager

Krombacher pils


Guinness pure brew

When you buy your alcohol-free and low alcohol drinks from online retailers Drydrinker and Wise Bartender using these links, Alcohol Change UK gets a proportion of the sales, helping us work to end the harm caused by alcohol.