A closer look

English | Cymraeg

11 July 2024
09:30 - 13:10
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Deepening our understanding of the interface of alcohol, domestic abuse and trauma

An online learning event hosted by Alcohol Change UK

09:30 to 13:10, Thursday 11 July 2024

Alcohol Change UK’s last seminar on domestic abuse, alcohol and trauma – Behind closed doors in March this year – attracted more than four hundred attendees, and it was clear that there was still much for all of us to learn.

That’s why we’ll be returning to the topic on 11 July – taking a closer look at this complex interface of issues, and considering what we can all do to better understand needs and identifty solutions.

Speakers will include:

  • Liz Gilchrist and Gail Gilchrist, on how alcohol treatment services can work safely and effectively with men who perpetrate intimate partner violence
  • Carie Bower from Age UK, on how there is no upper age limit for domestic abuse
  • Tina Fahm, on making domestic abuse support relevant and accessible for black and minoritised women
  • Mark Brooks from ManKind, on supporting male victims of domestic abuse

Here’s what some delegates at Behind closed doors said about that event:

  • “An excellent session today. Some great speakers, and so nice to be linked across the country.”
  • “A very useful session and so full of insight. See you in the next one!”

A closer look will be an opportunity to deepen your understanding, make new connections, and discover news ways to reduce harm and promote wellbeing.

Download the full agenda here