Wear it, bake it, run it or do your own thing

Support Alcohol Awareness Week (3-9 July 2023) to raise awareness and funds for Alcohol Change UK. It’s a week of awareness-raising, campaigning for change, fundraising and more. The theme for Alcohol Awareness Week 2023 is ‘Alcohol and cost’.

Wear it bake it run it twitter
  • Wear it - have a dress up/dress down day to raise money. Why not add the Alcohol Change UK colours to the theme? (orange, black, purple and pink)
  • Bake It - hold a bake sale (why not add some black and orange icing to represent our logo)
  • Run It - take part in the ACICS London 10k (9 July) in our branded orange running top* Or set your own challenge, ask us for a running top and get people to sponsor you.
  • Do your own thing, it's up to you!

*The top fundraiser for our ASICS London 10k team will win a £50 tab at The Lucky Saint, the pub run by our partner Lucky Saint .

Join us to wear it, bake it, run it or donate for Alcohol Awareness Week! Register your details and then select 'Make it Orange 2023' as the Charity Group.

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If you need any help getting set up or if you want to find out more, just drop us an email or call us on 020 3907 8480.

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