Carlsberg Nordic

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A review of Carlsberg Nordic

ABV: 0.0%
Calories per can: 46 (14 per 100ml)
Score: 4 out of 5

When Carlsberg Zero was launched in 2015, it was inevitable its creators would claim it was “probably the best alcohol-free beer in the world”. Sadly, our taste testers didn’t agree.

So, is its replacement, Carlsberg Nordic, which hit the UK market in 2020, an improvement? The short answer is “Yes”. It’s a lot better. For starters, it looks better. Carlsberg Zero’s pale green colour-scheme has been replaced with a striking palette of dark blues.

The beer itself has a deep golden hue. It’s light, a little bit fruity, and has none of the nasty aftertaste that blights some alcohol-free beers. We’ve heard that Carlsberg Nordic has been popular in Denmark for many years and is “by appointment to the Royal Danish Court”; although, for some reason, it’s actually brewed in Switzerland. Either way, we recommend you try it.

Carlsberg Nordic was withdrawn from sale in the UK in March 2021. It is not yet clear if it will be back on sale or will be replaced by a new low-ABV beer from Carlsberg.

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