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A review of Freixenet

ABV: less than 0%
Calories: TBC
Score: 3 out of 5

The sparkling wine category continues to be one of the biggest when it comes to alcohol-free wines, and that’s no surprise. The most popular non-alcoholic drinks, across the board, seem to have a little something extra – a bit of fizz, a touch of spice – to provide some of those taste sensations we’ve got used to getting from alcohol.

This new Freixenet sparkling white is from Spain, and it appeared in the UK in 2018 as part of an expansion of the excellent alcohol-free section in larger branches of Tesco. It’s got plenty of bubbles that hang around, and the taste is not bad at all. It’s got that Champagne-style sharpness that makes it something more than just grape juice. It’s not going to win any new converts to the cause of alcohol-free wine, but if you fancy something tasty and not too sweet, give it a go.

We have to say that the producers have really let themselves down with the packaging, though. Labeling like this makes it look like a cheap wine-type cider drink, rather than a quality wine.

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