Belle & Co. Sparkling White and Rosé

English | Cymraeg

A review of Belle & Co Sparkling White and Rosé - dry AF wines with a sharp bite that are definitely worth a try.



ABV: 0%
Calories per 250ml: 55 (22 per 100ml)

These Belle & Co. drinks were launched in 2018 under the name Bees Knees. They’ve had a bit of a revamp and a rebrand since then, and so we’re re-reviewing them for 2022.

They are some the few wholly alcohol-free drinks you’ll find on the wine shelves. As such, they’re a natural choice for anyone wishing to avoid alcohol altogether. They’re made from fermented grape juice, but not fermented so far as to produce any alcohol. Unlike a number of the wines on these pages, they’ve not been brewed to a full alcoholic strength and then di-alcoholised – a process that can take a lot more than the alcohol out of a wine. Like Echo Falls Infusion, they’re also flavoured with green tea, which adds a nice extra dimension to the taste.

There are two drinks in the range: a sparkling white and a sparkling rosé. The white is a pale-coloured drink that tastes more of apples than grapes but has a satisfying sharp bite and a nice hint of green tea. The rosé has a lovely deep pink colour and a fruity dry rosé flavour. They’re both a lot drier than when we tried them in 2018 – when we found them a bit too sweet – and they’re both definitely worth a try.

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