Celtic Marches Holly GoLightly

English | Cymraeg

A review of Celtic Marches Holly GoLightly - an alcohol-free cider that's lively with a good apple flavour.



ABV: 0.5%
Calories per bottle: 105 (21 per 100ml)

Celtic Marches is a brother-and-sister partnership, based in the heart of Herefordshire cider country. They already produce more than a dozen different ciders, and this new 0.5% ABV drink is a welcome addition to their range.

It’s a traditional farm cider, unlike a lot of the very sweet ciders on the market today. It’s lively but not too fizzy, with a good apple flavour. Fans of old-school English ciders should be more than happy with it. It’s miles ahead of the supermarket own-brand low-alcohol ciders, and offers a decent challenge to Sheppy’s and Stowford Press.

We weren’t quite sure about the packaging. The Holly GoLightly pun is clever, but with more and more brewers are moving away from putting pretty girls on bottles, it looks a little bit dated.

Anyway, great cider. 4 out of 5, we say.

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