Château ISH

English | Cymraeg

A review Château ISH, an impressive dry alcohol-free sparkling wine



ABV: 0%

Calories per 100ml: 19

This is a guest review by Lea from Glow Sober

ISH Spirits was established in 2018 in Denmark and – as the name suggests – have specialised mostly in cocktails and spirits. This sparkling wine is a great addition to their range.

It’s a little beauty of a drink. It has a lovely audible pour, with plenty of fizz and sparkle. It’s by far the driest alcohol-free sparkling wine that I have tasted. It starts quite sweet, but not in an syrupy way, more in an appley, fruity way. Then, as it hits the roof of the mouth, it moves from sweet to dry. The end of this drink has a sharp note, picking up on the apple at the start.

Overall, it’s a very impressive sparking white wine alternative. I can’t fault it, although the sharp ending might not be for everyone.

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