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A review of FitBeer - a pleasant but not memorable alcohol-free beer.



ABV: 0.3%
Calories per bottle: 66 (20 per 100ml)

One of the most interesting developments in the alcohol-free market in recent years has been the idea that non-alcoholic beers might appeal to people who take their physical fitness seriously – as the name of this new brew suggests. If you just happen to one those people, you’ll find all sorts of helpful healthy info right here.

Fitbeer comes with a great marketing package that clearly places it in the health-conscious market. The brochure’s packed with beautiful people doing stretches, having beach barbecues and going on long country walks. And it’s presented in one of the hippest bottles around (funky font, stag’s head and the rest).

Launched in 2016 and brewed in London’s historic Isle of Dogs, this is a beer with a great story to it. Brewers Joe and Becky Kean are big beer fans, but a family member’s alcohol problems showed them “some of the golden beverage’s less attractive sides”. After a research trip to Germany (where else?), they created Fitbeer, with the aim of dispelling the myth that “loss of taste is a necessary sacrifice for low alcohol content”.

How did they do? Fitbeer certainly avoids the taste pitfalls of some other alcohol-free beers. It tastes like beer, for starters, and it doesn’t have a nasty acrid aftertaste. Overall, the flavour suggests it’s aimed at people looking for something refreshing and not-too-sweet to slake a thirst. Our opinion? It’s pleasant, but not memorable – something most people would be happy to drink, but unlikely to elicit strong feelings.

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