Infinite Best

English | Cymraeg

A review of Infinite Best - an alcohol-free bitter with sweet malts coming through with a caramel taste.



ABV: 0.5 %
Calories per can: 33 (11 per 100ml)

This is a guest review by Tim Jenkins of the Alcohol-Free Explorers blog. Tim can be found on Twitter @afbeerexplorer

This is the fourth beer from London-based alcohol-free specialist Infinite Session, founded by two brothers back in 2017. It’s an alcohol-free best bitter, and it’s a beer I was really looking forward to trying as I really enjoy good traditional real ales and bitters. I was hoping it would come close to the taste of those.

The drink pours with a slightly murky brown colour, and starts with a nice thick-looking head, but this disperses very quickly. There is a very sweet aroma, almost like burnt caramel. In the taste, there are a lot of sweet malts coming across, and once again a slight caramel flavour. It has quite a high level of carbonation to it, which I was not expecting. For me, the taste doesn’t quite get there. It’s a little too sweet for that traditional best bitter taste.

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