Patronus Weissbier

English | Cymraeg

A review of Patronus Weissbier - an alcohol-free Weissbier from Lidl.



ABV: 0.0%
Calories per bottle: 125 (25 per 100ml)

You may think that a Patronus is a charm from the Harry Potter stories, but it’s also a beer from Lidl. They sell a standard-strength Patronus Weissbier and also this alkoholfrei version. Both come in well-designed bottles (with the obligatory beer-loving monk on the label).

This is not a stand-out beer – it’s not one you’d struggle through hell and high water to get hold of. But it is a perfectly decent tipple. It’s got a nice malty smell, and a lovely reddish colour. It’s got a proper Weissbier flavour; and although it’s a little sweet, it’s not half as sweet as the Bavaria Wit, and the sweetness never overshadows the other flavours.

Like many German beers, this one is claimed to have been produced according to the Reinheitsgebot – the Medieval Bavarian beer purity law, which says that beer can only be made from water, barley and hops, nothing else. According to the blurb on the bottle, it’s also isotonic, and naturtrüb – an excellent German word meaning it’s supposed to be cloudy (which it is).

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