Sainsbury’s English Apple Cider

English | Cymraeg

A review of Sainsbury’s English Apple Cider - a really good medium-dry cider with a nice golden colour and lovely cider apple flavours.



ABV: 0.9%
Calories per bottle: 150 (30 per 100ml)

We found Sainsbury’s previous low-alcohol cider a bit too sweet, and a bit disappointing overall, to be honest. So, we were intrigued when it was replaced by this one, which we came across in mid-2022. As you’ll see from our “5 out of 5” score, we weren’t disappointed at all this time. This is a really good medium-dry cider. It’s got a nice golden colour that comes from being matured in oak vats, and it’s full of lovely cider apple flavours. There’s really nothing to dislike here. If you’re into traditional ciders, give it a go.

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