Waitrose Low-Alcohol Cider

English | Cymraeg

A review of Waitrose Low-Alcohol Cider - supermarket brand low-alcohol cider that is as good as the big cider brands.



ABV: 1%
Calories per bottle: 160 (32 per 100ml)

People have been recommending this one to us for months. So, we thought it was about time we got ourselves over to Waitrose to pick up a few.

This cider hails from Herefordshire, which is generally a good start for a cider. And it’s matured in oak vats, which may explain its lovely caramel colour.

As with many supermarket own-brand drinks, the packaging’s not great, but we didn’t let that put us off. The drink itself looks good and smells like apples (again, generally a good start for a cider).

It’s got a bit of fizz but not too much. It may be a bit sweet for some palates, although not half as sweet as Kopparberg. Overall, it’s as good as most of the big-brand ciders you’ll find on tap or in cans.

So, if you love your cider but are looking to reduce your alcohol, this may be your answer.

Drydrinker and Wise Bartender are online suppliers of low-alcohol and no-alcohol drinks. When you buy drinks from them using these links, Alcohol Change UK gets a proportion of the sales, helping us work to end the harm caused by alcohol.