West Berkshire Brewery's Solo Pilsner

English | Cymraeg

A review of West Berkshire Brewery's Solo Pilsner - able to drink quite a few of these without feeling sickly.



ABV: 0.0%
Calories per bottle: 50 (15 per 100 ml)

This is a review by guest author Alice, who can be found on Instagram at alice_me0w

West Berkshire Brewery, who make this beer, used to be my local brewery. They’re located in Yattendon, a lovely little village in beautiful countryside. The brewers supply beers and gin to many establishments around Berkshire and have won various awards for their drinks over the years. Their flagship beer, Good Old Boy, is well-known by locals, and their pubs are popular for food too.

The Solo range of alcohol-free beers are good enough to fool anyone into thinking they’re having a full-strength beer! It includes an alcohol-free pilsner, a peach pilsner and an IPA. For this review, I tried the pilsner. It’s exactly how I’d expect a pilsner to smell and taste. You could drink quite a few of these without feeling sickly or getting furry teeth (ew!).

The packaging on the Solo range is what makes these beers stand out for me! I love the colours of the packaging and the style. It’s discreet as well – I hate being singled out with the usual blue packaging!

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