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A review of Wheesht - a nice if unremarkable AF take on a traditional ale.



ABV: 0%
Calories per bottle: 53 (16 per 100ml)

Established in 1983, Harviestoun is one of Scotland’s most highly regarded breweries, and their diverse range of ales and adorable mouse logo have made them firm favourites with many ale fans. Their beers range from 4% to 8% ABV. So, how did they do at 0%?

Wheesht – taking its name for the Scots words for “shush” – is their first alcohol-free beer, and the brewers acknowledge that creating it was a “real challenge for the brew team… like nothing they have brewed before”. Like St. Peter’s Without, launched back in 2016, Wheest is wholly alcohol-free; and like St. Peter’s Without, it’s not been de-alcoholised; it’s been brewed at 0.0%, which is quite an achievement.

Harviestoun say that Wheesht is a “dark ruby ale with aromas of roasted chocolate, sweet biscuit and dried fruit”. Unfortunately, we didn’t pick up that kind of complexity in the flavour. There are plenty of nice bitter hops, balanced by strong malt, and all in all, it’s a nice alcohol-free take on a traditional ale, but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

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