How to engage with your candidates during the General Election

There are many ways you can share your views on reducing alcohol harm with your local candidates and explain why this issue is important to you. Remember, this is your opportunity to tell your story, in your own words, so choose a way that works that you feel most confident and comfortable with!

Find out which candidates are standing in your local area here: Who Can I Vote For?

1. Meet your candidate in person to share your story

This can be a powerful way to influence the candidates priorities and emphasise why it’s vital to address alcohol harm in Parliament. These meetings do not need to be formal - you can arrange to meet them in a setting where you feel most comfortable and you could take along our general election manifesto. For example, you can meet them at their campaign office, in a public coffee shop, or a public event they are attending in your area. If you’re unable to organise a 1-2-1 meeting with your candidates, remember that they will be door knocking or canvassing throughout the next couple of weeks, hopefully giving you another great opportunity to speak to them directly.

2. Write an email or letter to your candidates

Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable to meet your candidates face-to-face – you can still engage with your candidates by writing a letter or email to them! You might want to share our key policy asks and a link to our manifesto, and you could ask them what commitments they are willing to make to help reduce alcohol harm, if they’re successfully elected as an MP. If you need help getting started with your letter, please use this template, or email us at [email protected] and we can provide you with assistance!

If you hear back from any of your candidates about their views on reducing alcohol harm, we’d be grateful if you could email us a copy of their response, so we can make sure they stay well-informed if they become an MP.

3. Attend your local hustings event

There may be an organised hustings event in your local area, where candidates will present a quick pitch detailing why you should vote for them and answer questions from attendees. This is a great way to meet your local candidates and ask them to commit to ending alcohol harm in Parliament if elected. You can check if a hustings or debate event is being held in your local area through your local news platform or emailing your candidates to find out.

Questions to ask your candidates

Please feel free to tailor these questions so you can express your views.

  • If elected, how will you represent your constituents who are living with alcohol dependency?
  • Can you commit to tackling alcohol harm in Parliament by supporting a stand-alone comprehensive Alcohol Strategy that will help to improve the lives of many of your constituents and of those across the country?
  • Can you tell us what support you will provide to your constituents who campaign to end alcohol harm, if you are successfully elected in Parliament?
  • In April 2024, the Office of National Statistics reported that there were more than 10,000 deaths from alcohol-specific causes in 2022, a record high. If you’re elected as my next MP, how will you advocate for reducing alcohol harm and alcohol-specific deaths?
  • The Equality Act specifically excludes alcohol dependence. What action will you take in Parliament to support your constituents who live with alcohol dependency?
  • How will you ensure that the new government commits to sustainable, long term funding specifically for alcohol prevention, support and treatment, in our area?
  • Will you commit to meeting with charities working to reduce alcohol harm if elected?

Share your story

Sharing your story can be a powerful tool to help your candidates understand why tackling alcohol harm is important to you and many people across the country. They may not have direct experience themsleves, or appreciate that wider harms caused by alcohol affect all of us in society – from poor sleep to the impact on relationships and families.

If you feel comfortable sharing your experiences publicly, or your reasons why you think all MPs should take action to end alcohol harm, you could post a short written or filmed reflection on social media.

Remember to tag us @AlcoholChangeUK to connect with other campaigner, and use our hashtag #EndAlcoholHarm.

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