Alcohol and calories

English | Cymraeg

28 June 2010

Note: This report was funded and/or written by our predecessor organisation Alcohol Concern.


Weight gain is a major concern for many individuals, and not just for cosmetic reasons. 57% of adults in Wales are now overweight or obese and weight gain has been linked to a range of health problems.

The reasons so many people are putting on weight are varied, but are linked to changing patterns of diet and physical activity. In simple terms, many of us are taking in more calories in the form of food and drink than our bodies are using. A major part of this is increasing levels of alcohol consumption.

There is a lack of public awareness about the calorific content of alcoholic drinks, and about how alcohol intake needs to be managed in order to maintain a healthy weight.

This briefing paper sets out some basic information about calories and alcohol, and makes recommendations for ensuring consumers are able to make healthy choices when including alcohol in their diet.