Our research strategy

Our research funding is focused on stimulating and supporting innovative research to better understand the complexities that link alcohol and harm to create evidence-based change.

Alcohol Change UK is excited to continue funding inspiring work, and we’re pleased to be sharing our funding priorities and plans for the next three years in our new Research Strategy.

Over the last 30 years, we have awarded over £24 million in funding to over 900 projects, many of which have made a significant contribution to the evidence base in this area.

With a commitment to rigorous impartial research about alcohol harm, we will continue to fund, commission and conduct high-quality research which adds to the evidence base. We want alcohol policy and practice to be developed on the basis of robust research evidence; new ideas about alcohol harm reduction created, tested and shared; and the knowledge base enriched by the experience of those affected by alcohol harm.

To achieve these aims we have four goals:

  • Deliver an innovative programme of research grants that transforms the evidence base on alcohol harm, in order to shift cultural norms around drinking and improve drinking behaviours.
  • Commission and conduct relevant and timely research that informs better policy, regulation, support and treatment.
  • Communicate research evidence to the public, policy-makers, researchers, clinicians and service providers.
  • Influence the wider research agenda to prioritise relevant and timely work on alcohol harm.

Read our Research Strategy to learn more about our innovative funding programmes to reduce the serious harm caused by alcohol.

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