10 years of Dry January® - Let's hear it for our alumni

December 2022 | 8 minutes

We can’t quite believe it’s been a decade of Dry January®. That’s 10 whole years of participants exploring new ways to reset their relationship with alcohol and making the decision to start off their years in control and with a clear head.

Let’s look back through the years at some highlights from the experts - our very own Dry January® alumni - and get inspired ready for the start of Dry January® 2023.

Martijn - Dry January® 2019 participant

“Now, after a party weekend, I have some chill weekends to bring some balance to my mental health. Dry January® is a great and quick way to assess your relationship with alcohol. I don’t think it’s bad to drink, but I do think you need to be in control of how much you drink. Dry January® did that for me: it helped me to moderate my drinking and create a better balance for my health.” Catch up on Martijn's story here.

Jo - Dry January® 2020 participant

“By the end of January, I was feeling great, inside and out. The benefits were too precious for me to quit now! So, I decided to keep going for 100 days.” Catch up on Jo's story here.

Paul - Dry January® 2015 - 2021 participant

“For me Dry January® is an opportunity to press reset, and a chance for the liver to have a proper break. It is also a reminder that there are other ways to relax.” Catch up on Paul's story here.

John - Dry January® 2020 participant

“Before, I would only ever get excited about my next drink. I now have a much more positive outlook on life. I think more clearly and get proper sleep with no 3am anxiety attacks. Alcohol ruled me for 20-odd years, but now I’m back in control of my own life and destiny.” Catch up on John's story here.

Richard - Dry January® 2021 participant

“Before Dry January®, any day where there were issues, I'd be drinking from 5pm to de-stress. Now I know I don't need it, and I think I am also performing better at work. I don't wake up feeling awful, I'm exercising more, I've lost some weight and generally feel much, much better.” Catch up on Richard's story here.

Sam - Dry January® 2022 participant

“Without the reset of the Dry January® challenge, I would never have even questioned what negative impact alcohol was having on me, creeping into everyday activities and zapping my energy. Now I have learned to appreciate the little things in life, whereas before I felt there wasn’t much to life without alcohol.”

Amanda - Dry January® participant 2019 - 2022

“The strategies I learned during Dry January® are still important for me every day.” Catch up on Amanda's story here.

Trish - Dry January® participant every year

“The positives once you’re in the midst of Dry January® are almost unbelievable. I started to feel more than pleased with myself. A bit cocky, even! Better sleep, more energy, improved mood swings, and the icing on the cake? Weight loss!” Catch up on Trish' story here.

Adele - Dry January® participant 2019 and 2021

“I might make Dry January® an annual thing. Not only does it lift my mood, it’s also a good reality check in case I’m not as in control of my drinking as I thought I was. Plus, it’s a helpful way to shed weight after eating so much all through Christmas!” Catch up on Adele's story here.

We really hope that those sage words from our Dry January® alumni motivate you to start out on your own Dry January® challenge. So, let's hear it for our alumni one more time and here’s to ten more brilliant years.