Dry January in your workplace

Take on Dry January as a team as a wellbeing activity that brings you closer together - without booze.

Why run Dry January in your workplace?

Getting the whole team involved in Dry January is a great opportunity. So much can come from the team taking a month off booze together:

  • More energy leading to better performance
  • Reduced absenteeism and lost productivity from alcohol, which are estimated to cost businesses £7.3bn each year
  • Social ties between employees that aren't based around just drinking
  • A greater understanding of your legal responsibilities as an employer
  • Plus you can raise money for Alcohol Change UK.

Ideas for running Dry January in your workplace

  • Appoint a Dry January Champion to be responsible for driving the campaign on behalf of your workplace
  • Organise a dry event for your colleagues
  • Run a quiz about alcohol
  • Set up a competition between your staff members and give prizes to the employees who donate/raise the most for charity
  • Make a pledge wall – find an empty board in the staff room and make a poster, asking everyone to write their name if they are planning to take part. Collect as many names as you can

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