Gordon’s 0.0

English | Cymraeg

A review of Gordon’s 0.0.

ABV: 0%
Calories per 100ml: 12
Score: 4½ out of 5

Alexander Gordon built his distillery in London in 1769. Today, Gordon’s is the world’s most popular gin, found everywhere from local pubs to Buckingham Palace. When companies like this start getting into the 0% market, it seems clear that alcohol-free spirits are more than a flash in the pan.

Gordon’s Gin has what a lot of us probably think of as a traditional gin flavour. Just like standard-strength Gordon’s, Gordon’s 0.0 has a bold, juniper flavour, but there’s also a little hint of citrus. In fact, this is possibly a more complex and interesting drink than Gordon’s at the usual 37.5% ABV. It’s clearly not meant to be drunk neat, but mixed with tonic it should keep most traditional gin fans very happy indeed.

Our taste-testers couldn’t agree whether it deserved 4 or 5 out of 5 – so we gave it a score of 4½.

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