Mockingbird Spirit

English | Cymraeg

A review of Mockingbird Spirit.

ABV: 0%
Calories per 100ml: 24
Score: 2½ out of 5

Mockingbird founder Fern McCoy is a big fan of Mexican food and drink, including tequila. But, as she says, not everyone wants to drink alcohol all the time. And so she set out to create a decent non-alcoholic alternative.

Just like traditional tequila, Mockingbird Spirit is made from blue agave from Mexico, along with vanilla, lemon, and spicy, smoky habanero peppers. There’s also a fruit called ashwagandha, which is used in traditional Indian medicine.

So, have the creators of Mockingbird Spirit succeeded in their aim of “accurately mimicking the taste of tequila without the input of alcohol” – just like the mockingbird mimics other birds? We’re sad to say our taste-testers weren’t bowled over. It’s got a nice agave flavour, but we found it lacked punch. It’s had rave reviews elsewhere, so you’ll have to try it for yourself.

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