Making Dry January work for workplaces

Book your 60-minute webinar for Dry January and support your staff in developing a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Why not work with us to help your workplace deliver a fun and engaging support package for all your employees who sign up to Dry January?

So what is it?

Dry January is the UK's one-month alcohol-free challenge that helps people reset their relationship with alcohol every year.

Taking part in Dry January is a chance to ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline, boost energy and save some serious money, while doing your body a lot of good. More importantly, evidence shows that 7 in 10 people who do Dry January with support from Alcohol Change UK are still drinking more healthily six months later.

The free Try Dry app

Alcohol Change UK is the charity behind Dry January, and we offer the free Try Dry app to support people to have the best possible month. The app lets you track your units, calories and money saved, plus set personalised goals for managing your drinking year-round.

Taking on Dry January with the Try Dry app doubles your chance of having a completely alcohol-free month and getting long-term benefits.

So will it benefit your employees?

Dry January is a chance for your staff to break old drinking patterns and start new ones. A month’s break from alcohol can make a big difference. Going dry for just 31 days could reward your staff with:

  • Reduced anxiety and better mood
  • Sleeping better and having more energy
  • Saving money
  • Losing weight

And the effects don't stop when the month is over. Six months later 7 in 10 are still drinking more healthily, with all the benefits for health and wellbeing that brings.

How about a webinar for your staff?

We can run a 60-minute webinar on Dry January for your staff team. We’ll cover:

  • Dry January – so what is it?
  • How to enjoy Dry January during
  • COVID-19
  • Goal setting
  • Finding an 'accountability' partner
  • How to deal with other people who want to encourage you to drink
  • How to prepare at home in the run-up
  • Trying alcohol-free options
  • Triggers and how to handle them
  • What happens after January?
  • What if you fall off the wagon?

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