Making Sober Spring work for workplaces

Book your 60-minute webinar for Sober Spring: your three-month alcohol-sabbatical, running from 20 March to 20 June.

Why take part?

Spring is the season of renewal, fresh starts, and hope. It's a route to changing your relationship with alcohol long-term, a way of trying out life alcohol-free, and a chance to throw off the pressure to drink for three whole months. It's also the perfect follow-up to Dry January®.

Catherine Gray, bestselling author and mastermind behind Sober Spring says,

“Sober Spring offers the chance to take the challenge further, break habits, start new ones and experience life alcohol-free. I think if you really want to experience the colossal change to your mental health / wallet / sleep / skin / wellbeing that being alcohol-free can bring, three months is the perfect amount of time.”

So if you want to break some habits and try out life alcohol-free, Sober Spring is for you.

Will it benefit your employees?

Sober Spring is a chance for your employees to break old habits and start new ones. A three-month break from alcohol could reward your staff with:

  • Reduced anxiety and better mood
  • Improved mental health
  • Sleeping better and having more energy
  • Saving money
  • Losing weight

What does Alcohol Change UK offer?

Alcohol Change UK is the charity behind Sober Spring, and we offer the free Try Dry® app to support people during Sober Spring. The app lets you track your units, calories and money saved, plus set personalised goals for managing your drinking year-round. The app:

  • Enables employees to understand their drinking patterns
  • Helps staff to track their progress towards drinking more healthily using ‘My charts’
  • Allows staff to set personal goals
  • Provides a drinking risk quiz to help your staff decide whether to make changes
  • Allows staff to keep track of current and best ever dry streaks

We also provide weekly supportive emails throughout Sober Spring with tips from high-profile people who don’t drink. We run a private online community where you can get support from other people taking on Sober Spring.

All of this is totally free!

Make the most of Sober Spring at work

We can help you, as a workplace, to put in place a fun and engaging support package for all those employees who choose to take it on. This will significantly enhance the benefits that people gain from the campaign, particularly longer-term behaviour change.

  1. Spread the word - Use internal communications at your workplace to promote taking part, talk about the benefits and let people know how to sign up. We can help get the messaging right with some great promotional material. You can send out information on the staff intranet, put up our posters and of course, nothing beats word of mouth.
  2. Who are the champions…? - Of course you all are, but is there anyone in your workplace who might like to take up the gauntlet of being a Workplace Sober Spring Champion for three months? It really helps to have an ambassador who can rally the troops, inspire staff to get involved, organise activities and keep up the momentum on those tricky days throughout the month.
  3. Engage - Team meetings are a great time to tell people about Sober Spring, engage teams and incentivise taking part. Put in place a fun and engaging support package. Why not have a Sober Spring kick-off event and encourage people to ask questions, share ideas and plan activities for the three months.
  4. Encourage sign ups - Put up one of our ‘sign up’ posters in a shared area or on the intranet and ask people to sign it if they’re going dry! Explain how the free app works and encourage people to sign up to the official campaign for added support online or via the free app.
  5. Team up - A bit of competition can work wonders, so how about seeing which teams can stay the driest, or raise the most for charity? You could also see who saves the most money as a team by not spending on alcohol between March and June – team members can use the Try Dry® app to keep track.
  6. Plan for the future - Why not use Sober Spring as an opportunity to launch or re-launch your workplace’s alcohol strategy? All workplaces should have one. If you don’t, we can help.

Book your webinar now

We can run a 60-minute webinar on Sober Spring for your staff. We’ll cover:

  • Sober Spring – so what is it?
  • How to enjoy Sober Spring during COVID-19
  • Goal setting
  • Finding an 'accountability' partner
  • How to deal with other people who want to encourage you to drink
  • How to prepare at home in the run-up
  • Trying alcohol-free options
  • Triggers and how to handle them
  • What happens after June?
  • What if you fall off the wagon?

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