Älska Zesty Lemon Cider

English | Cymraeg

This zesty lemon cider brings lots of sugar, but not much else



ABV: 0%

Calories per 100ml: 33

This is a guest review by our Fundraising and Engagement Manager, Sven Stears

Normally, Aldi’s ability to find a product and copy it is one of its strengths. Of course, it depends if you like what they’re copying. For me, the problem with copying Swedish fruit cider is that they are so sweet that even the alcoholic versions don’t taste of much but sugar.

The alcohol-free versions of other Swedish ciders are the same: lots of sugar and a vague fruitiness, with none of the subtleties of a traditional apple cider. It doesn’t bring anything to the table that a cloudy lemonade wouldn’t. So, who is this drink for? It’s for people who like sweet Swedish fruit ciders. For me, real fruit juice or a lemonade would probably do the same job, better and cheaper.

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