Becks Blue

English | Cymraeg

A review of Becks Blue - an aftertaste that lingers in an unpleasant way.



ABV: 0.05%
Calories per bottle: 39 (14 per 100ml)

Thanks to the impressive distribution network of ABInBev, Becks Blue is the alcohol-free beer you’ll most often find in pub fridges and in all the major supermarkets. According to recent statistics, this brand accounts for 65% of low-to-no-alcohol beer sales in pubs and bars in this country. It’s drunk nationwide by teetotallers, designated drivers and people who have to get up early the next morning, but not always by choice.

The brewers promise the “full Becks taste with alcohol-free enjoyment”, and assure us it’s “not an either-or” choice – presumably between strength and flavour. Unfortunately, we suspect it might be just that.

Details of the brewing process are hard to come by, but for us it has a feel of the early dealcoholised beers, and an aftertaste that lingers in a not altogether pleasant way. It may well be brewed according to the 1516 Reinheitsgebot (the Medieval German law decreeing which ingredients can go into beer), but we think it needs a bit more work yet.

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