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A review of Jupiler - an alcohol-free beer with a nice rounded flavour with a hint of herbs.



ABV: 0.0%
Calories per bottle: 88 (35 per 100ml)

Brewing giants AB InBev are already well-known in the 0.0% market for Becks Blue and Budweiser Prohibition, but Jupiler 0.0, which joined their portfolio in 2016, is a new one for us.

Jupiler is very big in its home country of Belgium. The standard-strength beer (5.2%) is the drink of choice for millions in the land of Tintin and moule-et-frites, and the brewery sponsors the country’s top-flight football league and the national team.

So, can the 0.0% version match that success? We’d have to say yes. It’s a really good lager. It’s got the right colour, the right aroma, and a nice rounded flavour with just a hint of herbs. If lager’s your thing, you won’t be disappointed.

Jupiler commercials tend to be a bit macho like this one, in which some men climb a mountain to play football and drink beer. You don’t have to go quite that far to get hold of Jupiler 0.0. You can get it from Dry Drinker, one of a number online shops now meeting the growing demand for decent alcohol-free beers.

Drydrinker and Wise Bartender are online suppliers of low-alcohol and no-alcohol drinks. When you buy drinks from them using these links, Alcohol Change UK gets a proportion of the sales, helping us work to end the harm caused by alcohol.