Kopparberg Alcohol-Free Pear Cider

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A review of Kopparberg Alcohol-Free Pear Cider - non-alcoholic version of one of the world's bestselling pear ciders.



ABV: not more than 0.05%
Calories per bottle: 210 (42 per 100ml)

Pear cider or “perry”, sits in an interesting place in the world of booze. On the one hand, there’s old-fashioned farmyard perry, produced from very particular pears and a bit of a minority pursuit. Then you’ve got brands like Lambrini and Country Manor that are basically strong pear cider, sold and marketed as wines.

Finally, we’ve got the drinks that actually get called “pear cider”. Of these, Kopparberg is the best-selling worldwide, ahead of major players like Bulmer’s and Mangner’s.

According to the people at Kopparberg, the juices of plump pears are mixed with naturally soft water to make something fruity with the “punch of a strong pear taste”.

As with other Kopparberg ciders, this one is never going to get the votes of cider purists, but should go down well with drinkers who’ve enjoyed the sweeter, easier-drinking ciders that have come onto the market since around 2000.

Just like with Kopparberg Mixed Fruit, we tried the Kopparberg full-strength and alcohol-free pear ciders side-by-side and we couldn’t tell them apart. So, if you’re one the people who helped make Kopparberg’s 4.5% ABV Pear Cider the world’s best-selling pear cider, you’re sorted for alcohol-free drinks.

Once again, we give it 4 out of 5 for being a great alcohol-free version of a popular drink.

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