M&S Tropical Sour Kombucha

English | Cymraeg

A review of M&S Tropical Sour Kombucha - fruity flavours in this mix of sourness, sweetness and yeastiness.



ABV: 0.5%
Calories per 100ml: 61

The drink is one of a few that sit on the boundary between kombucha and beer. It comes in a brown bottle like a beer and the label says it’s “expertly brewed with British hops”.

The aroma is first of all fruity – mango and pineapple – followed by the vinegary tones of kombucha, and it has the colour of a pale ale. The flavour is an interesting mix of sourness, sweetness and yeastiness. Definitely worth a try if you like either beer or kombucha and fancy stretching the boundaries.

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