Moodybrew Smoke

English | Cymraeg

Flavours of sweet tea complemented by smoky undertones make this drink a great alcohol-free option



ABV: 0%
Calories per 100ml
: 4

This is a guest review by our Fundraising and Engagement Manager, Sven Stears

I must profess my love for smoky flavours – everything from BBQ to Lapsang Souchong. It’s the latter of those two that is present here, and as a devout tea snob, I was very excited to try this drink.

Iced or chilled tea drinks are often brash, overly sweet, sugary affairs with no subtly: sugar and water that once had a teabag wafted vaguely in their direction. Not so here!

The flavour of tea comes through, with the complexity of the smoke, sweetened with stevia. And the ever-so-light carbonation adds a welcome touch, stopping it from feeling like a tea that’s been left to go cold. The glass bottle welcomes it into a new setting, and places it as a cleverly aimed chilled alternative to both booze and soft drinks.

For me, though, the smoke and tea could be stronger, the stevia a little less prominent. But then I drink all my teas the same way: no milk, no sugar. Despite that minor quibble, it’s still a good drink. I can definitely see myself opening one as I walk through my front door after a tough day.

This tea then, is for those who want to try something familiar but different, that sits between the worlds of unsweetened and cloying: for the adventurous who still value comfort.

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