Nunc Jun-Kombucha: Hops Monster

English | Cymraeg

A review of Nunc Jun-Kombucha: Hops Monster - all-natural ingredients shine in this zingy fermented drink.



ABV: <0.5%
Calories per 100ml: 15

This is a guest review, collecting the views of some of our Community Champions

Nunc kombuchas are made in Buckinghamshire with all-natural ingredients. Founders Andrew and Diana were shocked to find out just how many chemicals and additives were lurking in their favourite drinks, and so they decided to create some better ones.

This drink is a jun-kombucha, meaning it’s been fermented with honey instead of sugar, which gives it smoother flavour. The aroma is fresh and the drink looks a bit like a pale green tea when poured. Despite the Hop Monster name, none of our taste-testers picked up many beery flavours. Instead, people found apple and citrus, plus coriander, orange peel and ginger, and just a touch of vinegar.

One person called it “zingy, fresh and light”, another found it “crispy and full of citrus”, and one suggested serving it with a sprig of mint. Overall, it got a big thumbs up!

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