Old Mout: Pineapple and Raspberry

English | Cymraeg

A review of Old Mout: Pineapple and Raspberry, a sweet cider bursting with tiny bubbles.



ABV: 0%

Calories per bottle: 125 (25 per 100ml)

The Old Mout cider company was established in New Zealand in 1947, although their cider is now made in Herefordshire (which is normally a good start for a cider). They specialise in non-traditional ciders, and this one with pineapple and raspberry is no exception. The aroma is a bit like an old-fashioned sweet shop, and the taste is bitter-sweet like boiled sweets. Pineapple is the predominant flavour but there are a few other flavours lurking around too. The drink has a lovely rose-gold colour and is bursting with tiny bubbles. If sweeter ciders are your thing, give it a go.

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