Remedy Peach Kombucha

English | Cymraeg

A review of Remedy Peach Kombucha - has a strong smell of peach with a faint vinegar scent in the background.



ABV: 0%
Calories per can: 25 (10 per 100ml)

Having tried a few Remedy drinks before, our taste-testers were intrigued by this peach kombucha. It comes in a neat pink and cream can, and once poured has a typically pale kombucha colour but is clearer than some others. There is a strong smell of peach, with a faint vinegar scent in the background. It does taste of peach more than kombucha by quite a long margin but gives a sour aftertaste in the back of the mouth which makes it feel a bit more grown-up. While it is sweet, it is still refreshing and pleasant to drink.

Kombucha drinks are not usually recommended for children or anyone who is pregnant, as they are live drinks and so the alcohol content can vary over time, although it is usually not more than 0.5%.

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