Making an impression: Recognition of alcohol brands by primary school children

English | Cymraeg

19 March 2012

Note: This report was funded and/or written by our predecessor organisation Alcohol Concern.


In the UK, the alcohol industry spends around £800 million each year marketing its products, through advertising, branding and sponsorships. The effect of such marketing on the drinking behaviour of children and young people has been a matter of much debate. Representatives of the alcohol industry claim that it does not target its marketing at anyone under the age of 18, despite an analysis of internal marketing documents which concluded that young people are a “key target” for alcohol advertisers.

Whether children are specifically targeted or not, Alcohol Concern was keen to learn whether, and to what extent, the drinks industry’s marketing messages are reaching children, and what the potential implications of this might be. This briefing paper considers the findings of a brand and logo recognition study conducted amongst primary school children across Wales.