Mandy Manners

Mandy is a Trauma-Informed ICF Accredited Life & Recovery Coach, author and trainer. Mandy advocates for celebrating the positive impacts of an alcohol-free life. She hopes to break stigma around mental ill health, trauma & addiction by sharing her story.

“Alcohol Change is such a brilliant organisation, working on so many levels to create change. Change that is needed in how we think about alcohol and alcohol harm, how we support those that have been impacted by it and how we can move forward to think more strategically in future prevention. Having done Dry January® many times on my sobriety journey it gave me an indicator as my problems with alcohol grew. From being able to complete a month, to giving up after a couple of days. This gave me vital clues that I needed to get help, which led me to where I am gratefully thriving in an alcohol-free life.”

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