Alcohol Awareness Week in your workplace

Whether your colleagues are fully back in the workplace or are also working from home, Alcohol Awareness Week offers some great ways to help your teams manage their drinking.

Alcohol and cost

When we drink too much and too often, it can cause enormous personal costs to our health. It can put us at greater risk of heart disease, liver disease, stroke, increased blood pressure, and cancer, including throat cancer and breast cancer.

It can also cause tensions and disagreements with those around us and can put a big strain on our finances too.

This year’s Alcohol Awareness Week - running from 3-9 July on the theme of ‘Alcohol and cost’ - provides the perfect opportunity for workplaces to come together to support colleagues who may be struggling with their drinking.

Join the 5,000 plus workplaces, local groups and other organisations who have already signed up to take part in the campaign and get your team talking and thinking about their drinking. You can use our free resources to run your campaign, and share a link to our quick online screening tool so that colleagues can self-assess whether their drinking levels may be putting them at risk.

Get your free digital resource pack (including factsheets, posters, and social media images) and start planning your workplace awareness campaign today. It's a great way to unite your team.

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