Getting your workplace set for Alcohol Awareness Week 2021

Book your 60-minute webinar for Alcohol Awareness Week running from 15-21 November on the theme of 'Alcohol and relationships' and get thinking about drinking.

Why take part?

A quarter (27%) of people say that workplace stress makes them drink more. On top of this, research shows that many of us have found ourselves drinking more to deal with feelings of loneliness and isolation during the pandemic. As restrictions ease and we begin to return to normal life there will be new pressures too – pressures to drink, 'sober shaming', and pressures we put on ourselves to get back to ‘normal’ socialising.

So, join us for this year's Alcohol Awareness Week and help your teams learn more about the ways in which alcohol can affect our relationships.

How will it benefit our employees?

Alcohol Awareness Week is a chance for staff in your workplace to find ways to break drinking habits they might not be happy with and start new ones.

Redefining your relationship with alcohol can make a big difference and could reward your staff with:

  • improved productivity and better concentration
  • better relationships in and outside of work
  • reduced anxiety and better mood
  • better sleep and more energy
  • saving money
  • losing weight

What services do you offer?

We can run a 60-minute webinar on Mindful drinking during Alcohol Awareness Week.

One of the most common reasons for drinking too much is doing so without really thinking about it. Accepting a glass of wine because everyone else is having one, or pouring yourself a drink at home every night purely out of habit.

Mindful drinking is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the opposite of drinking without thinking.

This webinar offers the opportunity for your staff to reflect on their current drinking habits and find out more about any aspect of alcohol they’re interested in.

It will also clear up some of those persistent alcohol myths:

  • Is red wine good for you?
  • Is ‘continental-style’ drinking better for your health?
  • Do bubbles really get you drunk more quickly?
  • How long before alcohol is out of your system?

So, whether you want to bust some myths, learn more about the risks of binge-drinking, find out how to support a loved one who is drinking too much, or what happens in your brain when you consume a drink – we can help.

We’ll also provide some great tips for anyone wanting to change their relationship with alcohol.

This is a lighter way to introduce alcohol awareness to staff. Plenty of time is allowed for questions and discussion and we will show your staff a range of web and app-based tools that they can use to track their drinking going forward.

The fee is just £595 plus VAT for a live webinar for up to 100 staff. If you wish to record and keep the webinar, the fee is £1,495 plus VAT.

This interactive webinar is an essential element of your wellbeing programme. Get in touch to find out more and to book.

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